You have been preparing for this day for the past several months. Starting with invitations, all the way to choosing your best man, it goes without saying you will have your work cut out for you. Yet, in the end, the point of a good wedding is for you and all of your guests to be happy, so: Rule number one is – be happy, cheerful and merry!

Eat and drink, dance and sing, have a good time with the people you love and all the guests will be happy for you. If everybody sees you having a good time, be sure the guests will feel relaxed and in for a good time. So, pick up your darling and hit the center of the dance floor!

Back to the more daily routines: how to organize a good wedding celebration? You can follow several of our advice and you will be one step closer to your dream wedding.

Wedding arrangements begin a few months before the event itself. Be sure you will spend a lot of time managing all the aspects of your beautiful day, but once the wedding day starts, let it all go. On the wedding day itself, you are no longer an organizer; you are a participant, and the most important one. So take up your role and do not worry too much how thing will unravel since there is very little you can do anyway. And make sure you do not get nervous about unimportant things like a few flowers out of place or a couple of broken plates.

Once the reception gets on its way, make sure your guests do not wait in front of the building. Nobody will be happy if they get stuck at the entrance, especially if a sudden shower hits.

You have to have in mind that, no matter how much you emphasize that tardiness is not advised, people tend to be late. It is, therefore, imperative that the reception starts on time so there is a little bit of room left for all those late comers. Also, bear in mind to keep the photographer under control since they can get carried away sometimes and take up most of your cocktail hour.

We all know music that is true. You are allowed to send a few hints to your band or DJ about the choice of songs, but do not try to pretend you are the main event and plan the whole evening. Hired musician are professionals and they have a good idea about how to put things in motion and read the crowd.

You also need to add some sparklers to your wedding, this is a must have. Generally, wedding send offs have plenty of them, along with a dozen on the cake itself. If your short on funds, consider adding cheap sparklers from a reputable source.

Too many song requess and you have a good chance to ruin the “vibe” of the evening. Also, try not to put the musician in the shady corner of the room; their place is right next to the dance floor.

Following these few rules will definitely help you, but remember, your good mood is the key of the evening and it transfers to your guests very easily. Here a few more resources to help you locate the right tools, which we recommend: wedding sparklers, wedding dresses directory or the top wedding photographers