Which party is best?

Wars and post-war periods also disrupt the economy. Sometimes they can stimulate growth if they occur during an economic contraction, but they also distract the president from the economy and can deplete the necessary resources. Presidents Carter and Clinton were Democrats who avoided war, and Republican Presidents Ford, Reagan and Trump can make the same claim. Republicans say tax cuts are the best way to create jobs, while Democrats defend government spending.

The economic stimulus bill, sponsored by Obama, used both. President Bill Clinton created 18.6 million more jobs than any other president. The highest percentage job creation was under President Roosevelt, who increased jobs by 21.5% for three terms. If you count just two terms, President Ronald Reagan was the largest, in percentage terms.

Reagan supported, and President George H, W. Obama signed four trade agreements with four different nations: Colombia, Korea, Panama and Peru, but these agreements were negotiated by George W. Take our questionnaire to find out which of our nine political groups is your best option, compared to a survey nationally representative of more than 10,000 U.S. UU.

Some of these questions may be difficult to answer. In those cases, choose the answer that is closest to your eyesight, even if it's not exactly correct. The description of how to get to such a system is given below. But first, whether you're a Democrat, Republican, or Independent (or other), in the 20-question quiz below, you can find out which new party would be the best fit for you.

These six parties reflect the underlying factions and divisions within the Democratic and Republican parties. These reported membership numbers are generally claimed by the parties themselves and may not have been confirmed by independent studies. If more parties emerged, coalitions would form between parties to elect a speaker and organize committee assignments just as coalitions are formed in multi-party legislatures around the world.