When were party bus invented?

Party Bus Industry Facts and Statistics The first limousine bus started the trend in 1988, and since then, the industry has flourished. Some party buses are made from retired school buses. These are usually school buses over 20 years of age and 56 passengers who have been gutted and converted into a Party Bus. Whether you're planning a special event or a lavish night out, a party bus is the perfect way to start the festivities before you arrive at your destination.

Each party bus has a unique design and can range from an old-school bus conversion to a luxury limousine bus. We've created this helpful FAQ list to provide riders with everything they need to know about renting a party bus from Uptown Bus. They have a Rolls Royce limousine, a Lamborghini limousine, a Hummer limousine, a Bentley limousine, a Mercedes limousine and, of course, the party buses, all stretched out for maximum fun power. A party bus (also known as a party ride, limousine, limousine bus, party van, or luxury bus) is a large motor vehicle generally derived from a conventional bus or coach, but modified and designed to transport 10 or more people for recreational purposes.

Uptown Bus makes every effort to provide you with the safest transportation available in the DMV area. No matter what event or celebration you plan to attend, Uptown Bus has a party bus for all group sizes. There is no federal law that prevents passengers from drinking alcohol in transportation vehicles, such as party buses or charter buses. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your party bus outfit, especially if you're going to stand up and dance.

In some states, if a guest is a minor, a sober companion is required to accompany them on the bus. With top-notch engineering, bodywork, and skill, this ordinary bus became the party bus of the century.